NYC Steak Legend

NYC Steak Legend

Patroon is a New York institution, renowned for its legendary steaks, impeccable service, and sophisticated atmosphere. Our steaks are dry-aged for 36 days to bring out their full flavor, and we cook them over open-fire grill to perfection. The restaurant only uses top quality Certified Angus Beef (CAB), which is known for its delicious flavor, tenderness, and marbling. Patroon offers three different cuts of steak: Filet Mignon, Prime Grilled Sirloin (CAB, 36 Day, Dry-Aged), and Côte de Boeuf for two (CAB, 40oz, 36 Day, Dry-Aged). Of course, we always listen to our customers and prepare your steak to your liking.

Prime CAB


Patroon Steak. Best in NYC

Patroon Grilled Steaks

Patroon Steak
Patroon Steak. Best in NYC

Cooked to Perfection.
Serving the best of the best does not make us a Steakhouse. But with steaks this good, is it any wonder some people think we are?
We invite you to come and visit us and enjoy!

Patroon’s sides are just as delicious as its steaks. Many of our customers say that our crispy Brussels Sprouts are the best in New York City. We also offer House-Cut French Fries with Truffles, Whipped Mashed Potatoes, Hand-Breaded Onion Rings, Variety of Salads, and Grilled Asparagus.
Patroon Townhouse, 160 East, 46th Street. Manhattan. NYC.
Patroon is located in a beautiful townhouse that was specifically designed and built for Christ Cella in 1952. It is one of few structures on the island of Manhattan that was originally built as a restaurant and is still standing. Since 1996, it is now home to Patroon, which continues the tradition of excellence that Christ Cella began in 1923.

Patroon Steak, best in NYC
Christ Cella was a true New York steak house legend. It was one of the first and for decades the best steak house in Manhattan. The success of Chris Cella led to many new restaurants opening, and before too long, this part of Midtown East became known as Steak Row, with Christ Cella as the cornerstone. The restaurants on Steak Row were popular with celebrities, reporters, and businessmen, and they helped to make New York City a destination for steak lovers the world over.

Patroon is proud to be a family-owned restaurant that carries on the legacy of Steak Row by serving some of the best steaks in New York City.
(Diana, Gene and Ken Aretsky)

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